AttaBox® offers you a wide-ranging selection of non-metallic enclosures featuring 12 full product lines encompassing over 800 part numbers and over 30 configurations. Our enclosures offer the varying benefits of polycarbonate and fiberglass, ensuring your ability to source and achieve protection for every on-the-job need.

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UL Type 4X Breather Vent Allows Enclosures to “Breathe”

AttaBox Enclosures provides a high performing, robust non-metallic Breather Vent carrying a UL type 4X rating (UL508A, UL50 & UL50E). The AttaBox Breather Vent enables an enclosure to “breathe” — allowing the free passage of air to equalize the pressure differential between the enclosure and ambient before it builds to the point where a leak […]

The Centurion Series of Fiberglass Enclosures from AttaBox Balances Contemporary Aesthetics with Rugged Physical Performance

Centurion (CE) Series of fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosures from AttaBox provide solutions for diverse application challenges Centurion enclosures are designed for general electrical and electronic applications, as well as industrial and OEM applications requiring broader protection from environmental forces. A unique feature provided by a hidden hinge design and flush fitting cover, make Centurion Series enclosures […]