AttaBox® offers you a wide-ranging selection of non-metallic enclosures featuring 12 full product lines encompassing over 800 part numbers and over 30 configurations. Our enclosures offer the varying benefits of polycarbonate and fiberglass, ensuring your ability to source and achieve protection for every on-the-job need.

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The Commander™ Series From AttaBox® Enclosures Takes The Guesswork Out Of Configuring Holes For Non-Metallic Pushbutton Enclosures

One of the benefits of using non-metallic enclosures is the ease with which modifications, including drilling holes and making other cutouts, can be achieved in the field.   However, AttaBox® Enclosures makes the process of configuring holes for polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosures one step easier — and one big step more reliable — by providing […]

AttaBox Enclosures Provides Guidelines For Effectively Modifying Fiberglass Enclosures With Holes And Cutouts

One of the benefits of fiberglass enclosures is the ability to create holes and cutouts. They can be modified to allow wire and cable to pass through, or the addition of vents, without the need for heavy machinery. Physically modifying fiberglass can be effectively achieved if certain guidelines are followed. The comments made in this […]