AttaBox® offers you a wide-ranging selection of non-metallic enclosures featuring 12 full product lines encompassing over 800 part numbers and over 30 configurations. Our enclosures offer the varying benefits of polycarbonate and fiberglass, ensuring your ability to source and achieve protection for every on-the-job need.

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There are many options for choosing an enclosure for electrical, instrumentation, control, and industrial applications. Asking and answering key questions can help you select the best enclosure for your specific needs. 1.) What Are The Precise Demands And Challenges Of My Application? The requirements of your application are the first priority to take into consideration. […]

AttaBox® Enclosures Provides Reliable EMI/RFI Shielding Through The ModRight® Enclosures Modifications Program

AttaBox® Enclosures, through its ModRight® program, provides a proven combination of technologically advanced equipment and expert in-house capabilities for efficiently achieving diverse wide-ranging modifications for diverse non-metallic enclosure applications. Among the services provided by ModRight® is reliable EMI/RFI Shielding. Military specification, MIL-STD-285, is used to test the shielding effectiveness. Interior surfaces can be coated with […]