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One of the real values of using non-metallic enclosures to house internal components is that they are easily modified using conventional tools. But we can give you one BIG extra level of value: AttaBox® Enclosures will do the modifications for you, saving you time and money.

As one of the industry's premier polycarbonate enclosure manufacturers, AttaBox® has developed the ModRight program. It takes a multi-faceted approach to creating each custom electrical enclosure and is designed to meet a range of unique requirements, from simple hole drilling to a full custom blend of molding materials. Using advanced technology, our custom-engineered modified enclosure process ensures that all customizations are achieved to your exact specifications — and that your custom enclosure is delivered when and where you need it!

Our Expertise

AttaBox® Enclosures modification expertise includes:

  • Holes & cutouts
  • Custom windows
  • Silk-screening, digital printing, and laser engraving
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom colors
  • Custom back panels
  • Value-add assembly

ModRight Capabilities

Our ModRight Enclosures Modification Program is a custom-engineered value-add with the proven capabilities of:

  • Supporting complex OEM applications.
  • Reducing material handling and increasing productivity.
  • Providing solution-engineering teams who can work directly with you to solve demanding design or application challenges using mass-production factory precision and proven professional expertise.
  • Ensuring accuracy, quality, and quick delivery of customized enclosures that are ready to use right out of the box.

AttaBox® Enclosures prides itself on its willingness and ability to meet the enclosure modification needs of customers. The combination of technologically advanced equipment and a sound procedure for handling the most detailed modification allows AttaBox® to process modifications on time and to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Robroy Enclosure Difference - SelectRight, ModRight, DeliverRight

SelectRight & DeliverRight

Select just the right enclosures, panels, and accessories for your next installation with our SelectRight program, and rest easy knowing that our customer-first service will get them to you on time with DeliverRight. Click the links below to learn more.