Why AttaBox® Polycarbonate

Searching for a high-quality, reliable polycarbonate enclosure that can endure even in the harshest environments? AttaBox has exactly what you're looking for.


One of the key advantages of AttaBox® polycarbonate enclosures is their durability. Made from high-grade materials, these enclosures are designed to withstand high levels of impact, making them ideal for even the most demanding industrial environments. Unlike traditional metal or stainless steel enclosures, polycarbonate enclosures are lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and install.

UV Resistance

Another important feature of AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures is their exceptional resistance to UV radiation, which makes them well-suited for outdoor use. UV rays can cause discoloration, degradation, and reduced functionality in other types of enclosures. However, the polycarbonate material in AttaBox enclosures is UV-stabilized, ensuring that the enclosures will maintain their color, strength, and overall integrity even when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance is another key benefit of AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures. Many industries, such as oil and gas, wastewater treatment, and chemical manufacturing, operate in environments where exposure to corrosive chemicals is unavoidable.

AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures are designed to withstand various chemicals without degrading or compromising their structural integrity. Because of this, they are an excellent choice for applications that require protection against corrosion.

Ingress Protection

In addition to their durability and chemical resistance, AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures also offer excellent ingress protection. They are designed and rated to meet industry standards for dust and water ingress, ensuring the integrity of the electrical and electronic devices housed within even in harsh environments. Whether protecting sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, or water splashes, AttaBox enclosures deliver reliable protection.


AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures also feature an innovative design that enhances their functionality. They are available in various sizes and configurations to match your product specification, with a clear cover option that allows for easy inspection and monitoring of the enclosed equipment without the need for frequent opening. Lids can come with and without a hinge, and optional accessories such as ventilation systems or mounting feet can be included. And, each enclosure includes built-in DIN rail mounting embosses that simplify installation. Plus, our forward-thinking team is always developing exciting new products than can save you time, money, and labor on your next installation.

Industry Ratings

Furthermore, AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures comply with industry-standard ratings such as NEMA 4X and IP66, guaranteeing that they are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments. These enclosures are specifically engineered to protect electrical and electronic equipment from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. Technical information can be found easily on our website.


AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures are highly customizable to meet the unique needs and requirements of different applications. Whether you need a small enclosure for housing electrical components or a larger enclosure for protecting sensitive equipment, AttaBox has the solution. With options for customization in terms of size, configuration, accessories, cutouts and holes, and mounting options, you can create an enclosure that perfectly suits your specifications. Trust AttaBox for superior quality, performance, and reliability in polycarbonate enclosures.

Overall, AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures are an excellent choice for applications that require robust protection, durability, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and ingress protection. With their innovative design and customization options, these enclosures provide reliable housing for a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment in various industries.