Who We Are

Attabox employee with enclosure part

AttaBox® Enclosures is a trusted provider of polycarbonate enclosures that prioritize durability, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and user-friendly design. Our products are used in various industries such as manufacturing, automation, telecommunications, renewable energy, marine, and more.

Made in the USA

Manufactured, modified, and delivered in the USA, AttaBox’s polycarbonate enclosure expertise is rooted in sixty-plus years of engineering and manufacturing environmentally-sealed enclosures. Because we are the primary source producer of all our own enclosure components, we mold enclosures using the highest processing standards—assuring quality control of each step of the process. All customization and modification take place on the production floor alongside the manufacturing presses and injection molding machines. We can meet your custom requirements in direct step with the processing of your order.

Innovative Design

As a non-metallic enclosure pioneer, our product concepts have led the enclosure industry in design innovation, producing proven and unsurpassed product performance. AttaBox Industrial Enclosures offer the most contemporary product designs to meet the changing needs of mounted components. They maintain a balance between appealing aesthetics and stringent physical property performance standards, featuring dust- and water-tight seals, submersible integrity, and high impact resistance.

Ease of Use

Furthermore, AttaBox enclosures are designed with the user in mind. They are engineered for easy installation, with a wide range of features such as hinged or screw-on covers, integrated mounting systems, and knockout options for cable entry. The enclosures also have a modular design, allowing for easy customization, expansion, and integration of additional components.