Introducing Attabox’s Heartland SL Low-Profile Electrical Enclosures: Cutting-Edge Sizes in Polycarbonate for OEMs and Installers

SlimLine Open and side view

Experience the latest Heartland SL low-profile electrical enclosures, offering groundbreaking sizes in polycarbonate material. Created with OEMs and Installers in mind, these enclosures redefine space efficiency in the electrical control and wireless communications sectors. Ideal for confined areas, exterior building placements, and safeguarding valuable equipment in public spaces, Heartland SL enclosures excel with their durability, lightweight design, and visual appeal. Accommodate your equipment mounting needs while maintaining a sleek, shallow profile.

Key Features:

  • Shallow depth design with industry standard height/width eliminates unneeded depth and is ideal for low profile applications. Ideal for non-hazardous industrial and commercial spaces prioritizing space optimization.
  • Perfect for industries that value both functionality and aesthetics, offering a low-profile design when mounting in visible areas or inside buildings.
  • Built-in DIN Rail mounting embosses in the back of the enclosure offers an alternative to back panel mounting.
  • Molded-in mounting feet with added mounting cross.
  • Available with opaque or clear covers to suit customer applications.
  • Effortless installation and top-tier protection for network components, even in harsh environments.

Revolutionizing Space Management

Heartland SL enclosures redefine the norms of size and functionality. Crafted for industries where space is scarce, these enclosures ensure seamless integration, even in confined settings.  

Heartland SL Enclosures Are Ideal For:

Electrical Control

House distribution and control equipment.


Protect network equipment, wireless access points, switches, routers, IIOT sensors, cellular monitoring equipment.


Measurement and monitoring.

Security Systems

Lightweight, low-profile, and aesthetic.

HVAC Systems

Protect wiring and circuitry involved in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Building / Home Automation Systems

Protect smart devices and associated wiring and circuitry.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

Maximize your setups with enclosures that do more. Heartland SL enclosures not only protect but also enhance aesthetics. With smooth sides and a discreet profile, they fit perfectly into high-visibility areas, ensuring flawless function and flawless appearance.

Step into the future of enclosure technology with Heartland SL. Whether dealing with tight spaces, demanding aesthetics, or challenging environments, these enclosures surpass expectations. Protect your network components, like routers and switches, with confidence and style.

Discover the Heartland SL difference now and transform your approach to space-conscious installations. Your solutions are defined by innovation, breaking free from space limitations.