AttaBox® Polycarbonate Interior Mounting Options

Interior Mounting Solutions - Side Panel and distribution shelf

The Ultimate Flexibility and Strength for Installing Equipment in Polycarbonate Enclosures

Now available as stand-alone accessories or shipped in kitted form, new weight distribution shelves and side panels, when used with Attabox enclosures, assure added ease of installation, increased reliability in handling heavy weight loads, and the flexibility that comes with enhanced mounting space.

    Distribution Shelf

    Weight Distribution Shelf

    This innovative weight distribution shelf provides an extremely rugged support system when adding heavy equipment in polycarbonate enclosures. Ideal for support when adding a power supply, battery, or heavy equipment which could potentially deflect the enclosure bottom wall.

    1. Increases Installation Quality

    • Provides rugged support system when adding heavy equipment in polycarbonate enclosures.
    • Reduces potential of bottom wall deflection when installing heavy equipment, battery or power supply.

    2. Fast and Easy to Install

    • Easy to use design utilizes Polycarbonate Enclosure’s innovative T-Slots and slot nuts to lock the shelf in place.
    • Saves installation time and provides a secure support inside the enclosure.

    3. Ordering Flexibility

    • Available as a stand-alone SKU or included with our polycarbonate enclosures, they are part of our SelectRight program of standard products available through our catalog.
    • Saves ordering and receiving time and complexity.
    Side Panel

    PC Side Panel

    Aluminum side panels allow for mounting of components on enclosure walls, increase mounting space and flexibility, and reduce the need to increase the enclosure size to accommodate additional components—enabling customers to use smaller enclosures in applications requiring tight spacing.

    1. Increases equipment mounting space!

    • Enclosure T-Slot design allows for side panels and equipment to be mounted on all 4 walls of the enclosure, increase mounting space and flexibility
    • Reduces need to increase enclosure size to mount additional component. Saving cost, and perfect applications requiring tight spacing!

    2. Keeps enclosure footprint the same

    • Side wall mounting allows for components to be added without the need to increase the enclosure size and footprint.
    • Reduces time and expense associated with OEM product redesign

    3. Strength

    • Durable, corrosion resistant aluminum construction
    • Provides long dependable life in harsh conditions