Polycarbonate Enclosure Boxes
Available with Opaque or Clear Covers

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NEMA rated, ATTABOX Polycarbonate Enclosures are made with revolutionary design and custom solutions.

ATTABOX Enclosure Features:
  • NEMA 4X Non-Metallic Enclosure
  • Easy To Remove Lid
  • High Performance Inserts
  • Integrated Lock Hasp
  • Molded In Bosses
  • Side Mount DIN Rail System
  • Flush-Fit Side Mount Swing Panel
  • Latches and Hinges Do Not Penetrate Enclosure

Complete Plastic Fabrication Enclosure Solution

From custom concepts and designs to something off-the-shelf manufacturers cannot provide. Available with Clear or Opaque covers. Each enclosure includes an accessory kit. (contains all screws, inserts, and mounting feet)

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Attabox™ provides the best enclosure solution at the best price!
We carry stock and have product available in all sizes: 6x6x4 to 24x24x10

Custom Modifications

Attabox Industrial Polycarbonate Enclosures can provide modifications, panels, and accessories, as well as component installation.

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Side Mount Solutions

Increases usable space through mounting options such as:

  • DIN rails
  • Side panels
  • Equipment

Aluminum Slot Nuts

  • Variable mounting heights
  • 10/32 machine screw

Panel Systems

Sub-panel mounting solution

  • Variable height mounting
  • Swings open from any side
  • Panel locks into open position
  • Mounting holes are standard JIC

Back panels are standard JIC