AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosure Materials 

Technical Information

AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures produces polycarbonate enclosures but also offers a variety of materials for use as back panels, including: Aluminum, ABS and Painted Carbon Steel products. The materials are uniformly chosen to provide resistance against corrosion even though they are to be protected within an enclosure designed for the same purpose. In aggressive atmospheres such chemical processing and wastewater treatment, the outside environment becomes the inside environment when the enclosure is opened and closed. This accounts for the multiple choices of back panels.

The choice of material for the enclosure as well as the back panel is dependent on the concentration of various corrosives present in the application environment and other physical properties necessary to meet the design specifications.

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EU Directives, AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosure Materials

RoHS Directive

Although the driver for environmentally friendly electronic and electrical products has been prevalent for many years, it has only been recent that the need to legislate these products has moved from being consumer led to legislative led. With increasing numbers of consumer electronics and electrical equipment, it has come to a point where the issue became recognized in legislation. The EU (European Union) Directive on RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and the WEEE Directive (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) which covers the recyclability of equipment have put in place guidelines for the handling of such equipment and the materials they are made from. Although there is no current federal legislation similar to RoHS or WEEE in the United States, some states have adopted legislation mirroring that of the EU Directives.

What products are affected?
Household appliances
IT and telecommunication equipment
Consumer equipment
Electrical and electronic tools (except large scale stationary industrial tools)
Toys, leisure, and sports equipment
Automatic dispensers
Medical devices
Monitoring and control instruments
While these directives apply to products manufactured primarily for the EU, AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures has evaluated its products for compliance to both directives. A copy of the AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures RoHS Declaration can be found on our web site. WEEE legislation is aimed primarily at the end use product and does not specifically address empty enclosures. It is our opinion therefore that our empty enclosure products are not covered under the WEEE directive. As always, AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures will continue to monitor the development of these and other regulations and reporting requirements for our products and services to keep you abreast of changing market conditions and requirements.

While OSHA does not require an SDS for our finished products, AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures does provide a voluntary SDS sheet for those needing a formal record of the products used in their end use assembly.