Proven Protection From Designed-In Strength

MachoBox (M) Series enclosures are expanded-size junction boxes made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, featuring integral mounting flanges and designed to be tough, tough, tough!

MachoBox enclosures are ideal for rugged outdoor environments but also very suitable for indoor mountings where chemical wash-down, dust and aggressive atmospheres are natural threats to all enclosures.

A standard overhang cover design is available in a hinged with padlock configuration. All sizes are 20” or greater in length and width.
Threaded brass inserts for fixed rear panel mounting are standard as is a continuously poured polyurethane gasket to ensure a full, reliable environmental seal.

Machobox Series Attributes

  • Overhang cover on smooth sided base
  • High temperature, flame retardant, non-corrosive
  • All stainless hardware latches and screws
  • Full length stainless steel hinge
  • Chemically resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester
  • Submersible, non corrosive, environmental designs
  • Continuous polyurethane gasket

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