Proven Protection Made Possible By The Freedom To Design For Your Individual Application Needs

Freedom (FR) Series enclosures are developed for maximum design flexibility and pleasing aesthetics. These attractive yet highly fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosures are ideal for diverse applications including: high-end electronics, OEM housings and conspicuous industrial applications, both indoors and out. They can be relied on for protection in corrosive environments where a full seal against the outside environment is critical and a watertight seal is a must.

A unique benefit of feature-laden Freedom Series enclosures is the internal panel management system empowering the end user to select and use only the features required for their specific application --- and to use every cubic inch of valuable internal enclosure space!

The Freedom Series offers an additional feature of panel mounting in the cover for use as an operator interface in industrial equipment control stations.

Freedom Series Attributes

  • Available in 2 cover options:
    1. Opaque cover
    2. Flush bonded window
  • Maximum visibility to raised panels and control devices
  • High temperature, flame retardant, non corrosive, environmental designs
  • Stands up to an exceptionally broad range of chemical exposures
  • Results in an environmentally sealed, environmentally sound space
  • High impact resistance
  • Double insulated material No incidental electrical contact
  • Solid construction in a lightweight design
  • UV Resistant

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