Proven Protection That Balances Aesthetics With Physical Performance

Centurion (CE) Series fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosures have been designed for general electrical and electronic applications, as well as industrial and OEM applications requiring broader protection from environmental forces. They offer a unique feature provided by a hidden hinge design and flush fitting cover, making Centurion Series enclosures ideal for applications such as control stations and operator interface units in both MRO and OEM environments.

These enclosures, with their smooth, rounded edges and contemporary aesthetics, enhance the appearance of any instrument installation.

They are especially well suited for applications with prominent visibility in both industrial and commercial applications.

Of equal importance, Centurion Series enclosures are truly tough and durable in the most demanding uses. Both chemical resistance and watertight capabilities make them ideal across a broad spectrum of environmental installations.

Centurion Series Attributes

  • Available in 2 cover options:
    1. Opaque cover
    2. Flush bonded window
  • Stands up to an exceptionally broad range of chemical exposures
  • High impact resistance
  • Double insulated material. No incidental electrical contact
  • Hidden hinge design
  • UV Resistant
  • Soft edge design, smooth lines, flush cover
  • Super abrasion-resistant acrylic window
  • High temperature, flame retardant, non-corrosive, environmental designs

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