Case Studies

Here are some challenges we have helped provide a solution for:

Delamination and Chipping when Drilling Holes

Aesthetic And Functional Performance Solutions To Meet The Challenges Of Protecting Submetering Systems

  • Customer solved both functional and aesthetic issues caused by field modifying enclosures.

Corrosive Environment

Liquid Level Control System Stays Protected in Aggressive Environment

  • Moisture, corrosive chemicals, and accidental impacts are common in wastewater lift station applications.

Providing a Reliable Enclosure Solution For Protecting Pump Sensor Controls

  • A panel shop specifies an AttaBox polycarbonate enclosure to avoid corrosion in a painting and coating line.

Proven protection for eight years in a tough oil field environment

  • Redline Instruments protects wireless controls from hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide with the help of tough polycarbonate enclosures.