Case Studies

Here are some challenges we have helped provide a solution for:

On-the-job Protective Performance and Strength

populated polycarbonate electrical enclosures for pumps

Reliable Solution For Protecting Grinder, Sump, Sewage And Effluent Pumps

  • Heartland® polycarbonate enclosures are strong and durable. That’s key for us because our products go into very demanding, aggressive environments.”

Delamination and Chipping when Drilling Holes

Aesthetic And Functional Performance Solutions To Meet The Challenges Of Protecting Submetering Systems

  • Customer solved both functional and aesthetic issues caused by field modifying enclosures.

Corrosive Environment

Liquid Level Control System Stays Protected in Aggressive Environment

  • Moisture, corrosive chemicals, and accidental impacts are common in wastewater lift station applications.

Providing a Reliable Enclosure Solution For Protecting Pump Sensor Controls

  • A panel shop specifies an AttaBox polycarbonate enclosure to avoid corrosion in a painting and coating line.

Proven protection for eight years in a tough oil field environment

  • Redline Instruments protects wireless controls from hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide with the help of tough polycarbonate enclosures.