AttaBox Enclosures — Providing Proven Protection for Critical Control Systems — By Design.

Control Enclosures

An enclosure is only as good as the protection it provides for the valuable equipment housed within. That’s why AttaBox polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosures are designed to provide reliable, long-term, proven protection in a wide range of demanding application environments. Let’s take a look at “Control Enclosures”. Enclosures often must protect the controls or elements […]

AttaBox Polycarbonate Enclosures Provide Reliable Protection And Proven Solutions to Diverse Application Challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry

AttaBox polycarbonate enclosure in oilfield

AttaBox, manufacturers of high performing polycarbonate electrical and industrial non-metallic enclosures, provides solutions for diverse oil and gas industry application challenges. Craig Mitchell, President of Robroy Enclosures, explains: “Robroy Enclosures has reliably served the oil and gas industry for 70 years through both boom times and challenging times. How? Through the consistency of our non-metallic enclosures. Our AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures […]

AttaBox Polycarbonate Enclosures Provide Reliable Protection and Proven Solutions for Remote Monitoring Applications

AttaBox Enclosures for Remote Monitoring

AttaBox, manufacturers of top quality non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures, provides solutions for remote monitoring technology in diverse industrial, wireless, and data collection applications. Craig Mitchell, President of Robroy Enclosures, explains: “A significant portion of the United States is rural or challenging to access. It is important to have technology that enables the collection of data from, or communications […]

AttaBox® Polycarbonate Enclosures Provide Reliable Protection and Proven Solutions to Diverse Infrastructure Application Challenges

polycarbonate enclosures used to protect pump controls

AttaBox, a Robroy brand and manufacturers of high performing polycarbonate electrical and industrial enclosures, provides solutions for diverse infrastructure application challenges. Craig Mitchell, President of Robroy Enclosures®, explains: “The U.S. government is in the process of passing and implementing legislation that will result in trillions of dollars being spent on improving old, and building new, infrastructure […]

UL Type 4X Breather Vent Allows Enclosures to “Breathe”

Non metallic 4x breather vent

AttaBox Enclosures provides a high performing, robust non-metallic Breather Vent carrying a UL type 4X rating (UL508A, UL50 & UL50E). The AttaBox Breather Vent enables an enclosure to “breathe” — allowing the free passage of air to equalize the pressure differential between the enclosure and ambient before it builds to the point where a leak […]

The Centurion Series of Fiberglass Enclosures from AttaBox Balances Contemporary Aesthetics with Rugged Physical Performance

Centurion (CE) Series of fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosures from AttaBox provide solutions for diverse application challenges Centurion enclosures are designed for general electrical and electronic applications, as well as industrial and OEM applications requiring broader protection from environmental forces. A unique feature provided by a hidden hinge design and flush fitting cover, make Centurion Series enclosures […]

Stainless Steel Latches for AttaBox® Heartland® Series Polycarbonate Enclosures Offer Superior Performance in Corrosive Environments

The new, corrosion-resistant, 316 stainless steel latches are available as standard catalog numbers for all sizes of the Heartland® Series polycarbonate enclosures. The strong, secure-fitting stainless steel latches provide these benefits to users: Made of 316 stainless steel for optimum strength and corrosion resistance Secure-fit latch maintains a 4X rating High tensile strength, physical strength, and temperature range […]

AttaBox® Polycarbonate Enclosures Now Available in Color

AttaBox® Heartland Enclosures in color provide superior environmental protection and aesthetically enhance installations. They are ideal for promotion of OEM products and brands, and command visual attention in applications requiring color. Available in six standard colors (gray, white, black, red, yellow, and blue), they are ideal for industrial and commercial applications requiring enclosures that blend-in or stand […]

Cardel Criste Now Represents AttaBox in West Virginia and Parts of Pennsylvania

Cardel Criste now represents AttaBox’s line of innovative polycarbonate industrial enclosures as authorized sales representatives for all of West Virginia and the counties of Western Pennsylvania including: Tioga, Clinton, Centre, Huntington, Franklin, and Miffin. “Cardel Criste has been a leader in electrical product sales since 1988.” Says Craig Mitchell, President of Robroy Enclosures®, manufacturers of AttaBox®. “They are […]

AttaBox® Enclosures Helps You Keep Your Cool

Temperature-Related Benefits of Non-Metallic Enclosures Understanding thermal issues is key to the proper selection of enclosures in order to ensure continued performance. Overheating causes electrical insulation to deteriorate and shortens the life of electrical and electronic components. As a rule of thumb, for every 18°F (10°C) above room temperature (72°F or 22°C) an electronic device operates, its […]

True or False? Metal Enclosures Provide More Security Than Polycarbonate Enclosures.

Enclosure Security Myths

False. In fact: twice false. To explain: 1.) Enclosure security means protecting everything housed by an enclosure from destructive ingress by environmental contaminants including water and dirt. 2.) Enclosure security means protecting everything housed by an enclosure from destructive actions and vandalization by human beings. In both cases, polycarbonate products provided by AttaBox® Enclosures, deliver the best, proven level of security and protection. To look […]