AttaBox® Enclosures Provides Aesthetic And Functional Performance Solutions To Meet The Challenges Of Protecting Submetering Systems

The Situation:

CanMeter, located in Ottawa, Ontario, is the largest supplier of electricity submetering systems across Canada to the Campground and RV Park industry. Housed in custom enclosures these meters mount at breakers or distribution points, are customized per each application, and can easily be installed by a local electrician. CanMeter systems provide diverse voltage capabilities and all have communications output for remote monitoring and easy reading of numeric readouts keyed to an individual site. CanMeter makes it possible for campground owners to economically monitor and recover campsite electrical usage.

The Challenge:

CanMeter requires enclosures for housing and for reliably protecting its submetering systems. The meters require enclosures with NEMA and IP67 ratings. The company was having difficulties, however, finding a supplier for enclosures that functioned as required. Specifically: they were challenged by ongoing issues of smooth enclosure substrates being ruined by degradation arising from the drilling of conduit holes. The surface would delaminate and chip when the hole-saw broke through the surface. Also: door flanges were prone to breaking. That created an unacceptable functional and aesthetic problem.

The Solution:

CanMeter discovered the Heartland® Series of polycarbonate enclosures from AttaBox® Enclosures. Heartland® are high performance enclosures applicable for demanding electrical and industrial conditions, but with a refined style suitable for commercial, industrial and OEM design applications.

In the words of Peter Vuicic, Owner of CanMeter:


“For more than ten years we have been successfully using AttaBox® Heartland® series enclosures and have had no problems. These are robust, high-quality, maximum-protection enclosures. Compared to PVC enclosures which have inadequate inherent strength and will shatter, most polycarbonate enclosures can survive hammer blows and other abuse. After all, bulletproof panels and police and military riot shields are made from polycarbonate. In our business, a lockable, secure enclosure that will stand up to vandalism is a huge asset.

We find the polycarbonate easy to drill and modify. That’s key for us because each submeter must be customized. Functionality and appearance are both very important. Heartland® enclosures are available in many sizes which is also of value. We use multiple dimensions up to 24” x 24”.

We find added-value in the molded-in mounting bosses that allow us to install DIN rails directly to Heartland® enclosures without the need of a back panel. That is a big plus in our industry because it means faster and simpler to install. We can still mount a standard panel if necessary.”

Heartland® enclosures –- NEMA rated 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 –- are available in sizes ranging from 6 x 6 x 4 to 24 x 24 x10. The polycarbonate resin in the Heartland® series has attained the best available “F1” rating, having passed critical tests for UV exposure and water immersion. Heartland® enclosures are rain-tight and watertight rated for use in both interior and exterior applications. Material ratings, as well as product ratings, assure the user that polycarbonate is designed to perform, without adverse affects, in cold weather applications. Of significant protective value: corrosion-resistant polycarbonate can be effectively used across a wide range of aggressive environments.

Other Heartland® series attributes include:

  • Latches and hinges do not penetrate enclosure
  • Easy to remove lid
  • High performance inserts
  • Integrated padlock hasp
  • Flush-fit side mount swing panel and DIN rail system
  • Multi-directional mounting feet
  • Available in standard opaque or clear cover options

For Additional Information:

CanMeter: E-mail: Phone: 800-391-9616

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