AttaBox® Enclosures Helps Solve Wastewater Industry Challenge With Reliable Protection For Customized Bubbler System 

The Situation:

For more than 50 years, Pittsburgh-based Gilson Engineering Services (GES) has been offering unique solutions to a multitude of industries ranging from industrial power generation to advanced robotics. Key solutions include: level, flow, gas detection, mass dynamics, panel meters, valves, positioners, pressure, signal conditioners/isolators, and many more.

The Challenge:

The GES Bubbler is a system for liquid level, commonly used in wastewater lift station applications, when foam is present in tank levels, and when open channel flow measurement is required. The system operates by providing a constant flow of pressurized air within a tube, which is monitored by a pressure transmitter. The pressure in the tube is equal to the pressure at the bottom of the system’s tank and the level is equal to the pressure divided by the density of the liquid. As long as the density remains constant, the pressure is proportional to the level in the tank.

The GES Bubbler System is built and wired to order and fully customizable to fit the customer’s specific application. By way of controls, the system includes a Siemens pressure transmitter and a Precision digital panel meter.

A key challenge arose from the fact that the integrity of the GES Bubbler System demands that sensitive control instrumentation is reliably protected from damage by moisture, corrosion, chemicals, impact, and other potentially degrading factors present in wide-ranging aggressive environments.

The Solution:

GES turned to AttaBox® polycarbonate enclosures as a solution to the challenge of protecting the controls of the GES Bubbler System.

According to Victor Monaco, Applications Engineer for Gilson Engineering:

“AttaBox® polycarbonate 4X enclosures provide a rain-tight and watertight rating for use in both interior and exterior applications. Corrosion-resistant polycarbonate allows the enclosures to be used across a wide range of aggressive environments and can withstand wide ranges in the environment from a very cold -30 degrees F to constant exposure in the hot Florida Sun. AttaBox® enclosures feature a very rugged hinge, and multi-directional mounting feet allow for more customizable installations. Moreover, these polycarbonate enclosures are far more cost-effective than stainless steel alternatives. We definitely recommend AttaBox®.”

AttaBox® Enclosures features 12 full non-metallic enclosure product lines encompassing more than 800 part numbers and more than 30 configurations –- all providing superior on-the-job physical properties and performance value for diverse MRO, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC, mechanical and industrial applications. The unsurpassed range of off-the-shelf and customized AttaBox® polycarbonate enclosures are proven to protect themselves so they will always protect the valuable contents housed within them.



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