AttaBox® Enclosures Helps Solve Wastewater Industry Challenge With Reliable Protection For Customized Bubbler System 

The Situation: For more than 50 years, Pittsburgh-based Gilson Engineering Services (GES) has been offering unique solutions to a multitude of industries ranging from industrial power generation to advanced robotics. Key solutions include: level, flow, gas detection, mass dynamics, panel meters, valves, positioners, pressure, signal conditioners/isolators, and many more. The Challenge: The GES Bubbler is a system for liquid level, commonly used in wastewater lift station […]

AttaBox® Enclosures Helps Branom Instrument Company Provide A Reliable Solution For Protecting Pump Sensor Controls

The Situation Since 1947, Branom Instrument Company has been providing customers with best-in-class process instrumentation for control and monitoring of flow, gas and liquid analytics, level, pressure, temperature, and automation. Branom’s instrumentation solutions provide maximum precision, efficiency, and reliability. Branom depends on the proven performance of enclosures to house and protect sensitive instrumentation and controls. […]

AttaBox® Enclosures Provides Aesthetic And Functional Performance Solutions To Meet The Challenges Of Protecting Submetering Systems

The Situation: CanMeter, located in Ottawa, Ontario, is the largest supplier of electricity submetering systems across Canada to the Campground and RV Park industry. Housed in custom enclosures these meters mount at breakers or distribution points, are customized per each application, and can easily be installed by a local electrician. CanMeter systems provide diverse voltage capabilities and all […]