Company History


AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosure’s Commitment

New Quality Policy: AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures Quality Policy: It is the policy and the commitment of the Management and Associates of AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures that we:

  • Maintain a reputation of excellence with our Customers in knowledge and ability in non-metallic electrical enclosures;
  • Consistently meet our customer’s expectations for responsiveness, quality, and delivery.
  • Create a work environment that develops Associate skills that foster pride and personal responsibility.
  • Ensure continuous improvement through the measurement and monitoring of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.
  • Consistently work within the standards, statutory, and regulatory requirements for our industry.

AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures – Company Motto

Proven Protection by Design

Product leadership begins with innovation and proves itself through continuity of quality and reliability. Those are hallmarks of AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures.

We achieve proven protection in our non-metallic enclosures because we are the pioneers of the non-metallic enclosure concept. Our designs are based on literally thousands of unique market applications. Product solutions are rooted in more than 60-years of problem solving in the most aggressive environments in industry. AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures are a freshly creative form for solving these tough applications with polycarbonate. At the same time, they are aesthetically pleasing and highly effective when used for OEM or instrumentation housings.

AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures engineering and manufacturing experience can help to solve your unique requirements. We build non-metallic enclosure that meet your needs, with quality that will solve your toughest application issues.

Proven Protection by Design

  • Because of unsurpassed, proven product performance and quality.
  • Because we originated non-metallic enclosures over sixty years ago.
  • Because we continue to innovate in the marketplace with new material concepts and fresh new designs.
  • Because of AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures competitive pricing.
  • Because we offer the broadest available selection of non-metallic enclosures.

Discover why the name AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures means “non-metallic enclosures.”