AttaBox® Non-Metallic Enclosures Excel in Demanding Oil & Gas Applications

AttaBox® Enclosures, a Robroy Industries® brand and manufacturer of high-performing non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures, provides nearly seven decades of reliable service to the oil and gas industry.

Specific applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploration and Production
  • Refineries and Petrochem Fabrication
  • IIoT – industrial internet connectivity
  • Remote Monitoring


View a case study showcasing how AttaBox Enclosures solved the challenge of providing proven protection for gas leak detection and remote monitoring systems:

Craig Mitchell, President of Robroy Enclosures®, explains: “AttaBox has been the enclosure market leader for oil and gas applications ever since we pioneered the first fiberglass enclosure almost 70 years ago. The quality of AttaBox non-metallic enclosures is key to providing proven solutions where technology must be applied in remote, rural, or difficult-to-reach locations.”

Among the many benefits provided by AttaBox Enclosures to the oil and gas industry:


Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Oil and gas applications require enclosures that protect sensitive equipment such as oil pump systems, oil refining equipment, and chemical processing equipment at oil and gas drilling sites from corrosion and damage due to drilling mud, dirt, dust, water, oils, grease, and lubrication on industrial equipment. NEMA 4X rated non-metallic AttaBox Enclosures exceed the material minimum for 4X applications and are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and petrochemicals found in oil and gas applications, reliably protecting customer’s valuable equipment housed inside.

Although stainless steels are used in corrosion resistant applications, it is a fact that in some environments, they are subject to degradation and damage by pitting, crevice, stress cracking, sulphide stress cracking, intergranular, galvanic and contact types of corrosion. AttaBox Enclosures are not susceptible to rust or other forms of corrosion.


Certification Compliance

Users of enclosures in the oil and gas industry require certified products that ensure safety, meet design and engineering specifications, and offer protection against liability and regulatory concerns. Such certifications allow customers to be confident that products will perform as intended in specific applications. AttaBox Enclosures are designed and third-party-certified by UL to meet a wide spectrum of NEMA (types) including 1, 3 3R, 4, 4X, 6P, 12, 13, and IEC IP66 ratings to help ensure maximum protection of the customer’s equipment housed inside.



Installations in oil and gas tend to be remote, making servicing and replacing equipment costly. The extreme durability of AttaBox polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosures helps reduce the risk of failure and downtime. Lightweight non-metallic AttaBox products offer better or equivalent performance when compared to stainless steel and with lower maintenance costs.



The AttaBox SelectRight program provides the broadest available offering of standard non-metallic enclosures built to last and to stand up to harsh environments. The AttaBox DeliverRight program ensures that products arrive when and where they are needed, backed by a 10-year warranty against defects — the longest such assurance in the industry.


Easy Modification

All manner of modifications including cutouts, holes, windows, vents, and the incorporation of accessories, can be easily achieved when working with AttaBox Enclosures and its ModRight modifications program. This is a tremendous potential labor and cost savings compared with the relative difficulty of modifying stainless steel. Composites are very easy to cut. Because less cutting pressure is required, standard shop tools are generally up-to-the-job whereas specialty equipment is frequently required for cutting stainless steel. This equates to a reduction of costly labor time and savings through increased cutting tool life.

AttaBox is an innovative force in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of non-metallic enclosures. We make it easy for our enclosure users to get reliable NEMA 4X and UL-certified protection by making outstanding product and service quality quickly available through diverse channels including price-competitive online e-commerce, and direct business-to-business one-stop availability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology is U.S.-based and vertically integrated to provide total solutions to application challenges demanding the best from protective enclosures.