AttaBox Enclosure Options


AttaBox Enclosures brings more than 70 years of proven expertise as a total solution provider.

Our OEM customers rely on us for understanding highly specific challenges, providing precise responses to even the most demanding problems, and supporting the implementation of results that meet or exceed all application requirements.

Our commitment to you is supported by three important customer-first programs:

1.) SelectRight™

  • The broadest selection of standard, configurable, off-the-shelf, corrosion-resistant, non-metallic enclosures to meet your applications.
  • Selection options from available products to meet specification, reduce lead time, and optimize initial costs.
  • Product selections ready to use and available now.

AttaBox’s extensive range featuring 12 lines of standard polycarbonate enclosures, panels, accessories, and other material options, gives you the flexibility to select exactly the right non-metallic enclosures to meet the specific demands of your applications.

Our enclosure families provide hundreds of configurations and sizes with environmental protection and certifications to meet your needs with unique sizes and appealing aesthetics.

2.) ModRight™

  • ModRight is a custom-engineered, value-add enclosure design and modification program that provides you the expertise of factory-based modifications.
  • ModRight is an engineered solution-based offering designed to support complex OEM applications, reduce material handling, and increase productivity.
  • ModRight will provide you with solutions ready to use right out of the box.

AttaBox’s industry-leading modifications include hole drilling, custom windows, vents, silk-screening, digital printing, custom sizes, colors, custom back panels, and value-add assembly.

Our solution engineering team works directly with you to solve demanding application challenges and ensures accuracy, quality, and delivery speed.

3.) DeliverRight™

  • DeliverRight ensures you customer-first service, supply chain, and on-time delivery.
  • DeliverRight is a trusted partnership approach from consultation and quotation, to packaging and delivery.
  • DeliverRight is founded on vertically integrated, flexible, automated manufacturing, and modification to ensure consistency, quality, and delivery speed.
  • DeliverRight provides fast service and delivery of products ready to use when and where you need them. Value-add options are available to improve your productivity including direct shipment, bulk packaging, kitting, and custom labeling.


U.S. based, vertically integrated manufacturing (molding to shipping) plus dedicated point of contact to help manage orders and delivery.

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