LET THE SUNSHINE IN! AttaBox® Enclosures Help You Beat Ultraviolet Damage with a Patented SMC System Available at No Additional Finished-Product Cost

We cannot live without the sun.

Sunlight makes many great things in life possible.

But anyone who has experienced the effects of the sun on outdoor product applications realizes that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause costly and potentially dangerous aesthetic and functional damage.

Consequently, AttaBox® Enclosures are designed and manufactured to provide unsurpassed UV-resistance and proven, reliable protection in even the most punishing exterior environments. AttaBox® Enclosures consistently meet the demands of applications in a diversity of outdoor industrial and electrical applications including agriculture, marine, outdoor security, remote instrumentation, oil and gas, transportation, and many other sectors where sunlight threatens the integrity of products and systems.

Question: Why are AttaBox® fiberglass enclosures so successful in resisting UV degradation?

Answer: SolarGuard.

AttaBox® fiberglass enclosures are manufactured using a non-haloginated, patented SMC system developed for maximizing polymer chain and crosslink bonding.

The result?

Enclosures that beat the effects of outdoor exposure while also providing excellent chemical and flame resistance.

In extensive comparison testing, SolarGuard®, in AttaBox® Enclosures, outperformed other available SMC formulations by as much as 60% in its ability to retain gloss and color after exposure to concentrated UV light.

Want more good news?

SolarGuard® is available to you at NO additional finished-product cost.

The benefits don’t stop there.

SolarGuard® maintains stability in thickness, proving that its physical properties remain very much intact despite EMMAQUA testing that concentrates natural sunlight using 10 highly reflective mirrors to create an intensity level of approximately 8 suns!

SolarGuard® meets a NFPA No. 101 Class A flame spread index. Fire retardancy, achieved through use of alumina trihydrate fillers, meets UL 94 5V standards.

SolarGuard® is a non-haloginated system…meaning that it contains no bromine and no antimony, thereby reducing the risk of smoke-borne toxicity.

SolarGuard® requires less maintenance than paint, wax or gel-coat alternatives used to prolong the life of electrical enclosures in outdoor environments.

How does SolarGuard do what it does?

There are two stages of SolarGuard® protection:

1. Protection One: A Sacrificial Additive

Special SolarGuard® UV absorbers absorb UV energy and release it before it can cause damage to the links.

2. Protection Two: A Stronger Polymeric Structure

SolarGuard® prevents UV damage by bonding tough links in the polymer chain.

For full technical details about how SolarGuard® can benefit you, and how AttaBox® Enclosures can help you win the fight against UV damage, please visit: