Corroded metal enclosure

AttaBox Enclosures: Helping you Beat The High Cost Of Corrosion Damage

$2.5 trillion every year.

That — according to studies by NACE International —- is the annual worldwide cost of damage caused by corrosion.

$2.5 trillion every year.

That’s: “TRILLION!”

That’s also roughly equivalent to 3.4 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product.

But there’s more to the danger of corrosion. There’s the potential loss of life. Loss of business operations. Risk of litigation.

AttaBox Enclosures can help.


Because the non-metallic fiberglass and polycarbonate composites used to manufacture AttaBox electrical and industrial enclosures provide excellent corrosion resistance. That in turn reliably protects everything that is housed within AttaBox Enclosures.

Here are the facts:

Non-metallic AttaBox® Enclosures provide unsurpassed corrosion and chemical resistance compared to metallics such as aluminum and painted or galvanized steel and are very comparable to that of stainless steel. With non-metallics, enclosure maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Although stainless steels are used in corrosion-resistant applications, the fact of the matter is in some environments they are subject to degradation and damage by pitting, crevice, stress cracking, sulfide stress cracking, intergranular, galvanic, and contact types of corrosion.

Certain non-metallic enclosures, such as composite fiberglass, also offer excellent chemical resistance to halogens (Chlorine, Fluorine) and are acceptable for use in most environments involving acids, alkalines, and solvents.

Want proof of performance in real-life applications?

Visit… …for actual on-the-job case studies detailing how AttaBox® Enclosures solved challenges in application environments where corrosion is an ever-present danger. These problem/solution scenarios include:

  • How AttaBox Heartland Series enclosures provided a reliable solution for protecting grinder, sump, sewage, and effluent pumps in demanding, aggressively corrosive environments.
  • How AttaBox 4X enclosures successfully protected liquid level control systems from corrosive attacks in wastewater lift station applications.
  • Why a panel shop specifies AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures to avoid corrosion in a painting and coating line.
  • Why the demanding oil & gas industry specifies wide-ranging sizes and configurations of AttaBox Enclosures to protect wireless controls from corrosive hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.