Control Enclosures

AttaBox Enclosures — Providing Proven Protection for Critical Control Systems — By Design.

An enclosure is only as good as the protection it provides for the valuable equipment housed within.

That’s why AttaBox polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosures are designed to provide reliable, long-term, proven protection in a wide range of demanding application environments.

Let’s take a look at “Control Enclosures”.

Enclosures often must protect the controls or elements of a control system that are critical to safety and to the success of business operations. Control enclosures in large chemical plants, electrical generating facilities, airports, mass transit systems or hospitals can house equipment critical to the well-being of numerous individuals. In most applications, the economic consequences of a failed control system will be more significant than the value of the equipment.

In these and many other types of vital applications, rigorous requirements are designed-into AttaBox Enclosures to protect the public and prevent failure of control equipment. AttaBox control enclosures are designed for indoor or outdoor use to house electrical and electronic controls, instruments, and components in areas that may be regularly hosed down, are in very wet conditions, or are exposed to corrosive agents. These enclosures provide excellent protection from dust, dirt, oil and water.

Among our families of enclosures proven to protect sensitive controls:


When bigger is better — there is Triton™.

Triton™ Series enclosures are used where heavy industrial equipment controls need protection. These fiberglass- reinforced polyester enclosures are ideal for the mounting of high voltage electrical systems where wiring needs sufficient bend radius to enter the cabinet. They are perfect for applications involving diverse environmental conditions. Triton’s rating is built to meet rugged construction requirements and offer protection against falling rain and sleet and remain undamaged by external ice formation. Integral mounting feet enable easy installation.

In addition to wall mounted control enclosures, the Triton™ Series offers large and freestanding enclosures. These are dimensionally large enclosures (48 x 36 to 90 x 72). The Triton™ Series has been designed for use in larger industrial control systems and machine tool control panels. They provide a rugged cabinet for use in both indoor and outdoor applications and across a range of difficult environments. These larger size wall mount or freestanding enclosures are designed for the maximum available space for electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical control circuits.

The Triton™ Series is used in a daunting range of environmental conditions. A high level of protection is required in conditions involving water, chemical wash-down, wind-blown dust, rain, sleet and external ice formation. An aggressive sealing system is used to meet these rigorous demands. Triton’s stainless steel hinged, latched down cover series is a natural choice for process control where moisture or chemical environments require unique protection.


The Centurion™ Series provides protection that balances aesthetics with physical performance.

Centurion™ Series fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosures have been designed for general electrical and electronic applications, as well as industrial and OEM applications requiring broader protection from environmental forces. They offer a unique feature provided by a hidden hinge design and flush fitting cover, making Centurion Series enclosures ideal for applications such as control stations and operator interface units in both MRO and OEM environments.

These enclosures, with their smooth, rounded edges and contemporary aesthetics, enhance the appearance of any instrument installation. They are especially well suited for applications with prominent visibility in both industrial and commercial applications. Of equal importance, Centurion Series enclosures are truly tough and durable in the most demanding uses. Both chemical resistance and watertight capabilities make them ideal across a broad spectrum of environmental installations.


The AttaBox Commander™ Series provides protection made possible by a complete environmental seal.

Commander™ Series slim-line enclosures are designed from fiberglass-reinforced polyester and feature a continuous polyurethane gasket that provides the critically reliable, long-term protection of a complete environmental seal.

The Commander™ Series also offers an all-polycarbonate product with blank covers and a choice of one-or-two-hole pushbutton openings for both 22mm and 30mm hardware. These enclosures include the external flush wall design, unobstructed sidewalls internally, polymer cover screws, watertight seal and other standard features of the Commander Series.

Commander™ Series enclosures, in a full range of sizes, are ideal for compact or portable control or simply as a small junction box.


The AttaBox BantamBox™ Series provides proven protection when being small is a big advantage.

BantamBox™ is a polycarbonate enclosure series in either opaque screw cover or clear screw cover versions. The flush sides of the enclosure make it a sought-after OEM design product. Raised bosses accommodate back panel mounting and are successfully used for remote sensor mounting and small electronic controls in any environment. These modular enclosures offer a broad range of 72 sizes and are ideal as project boxes in both their opaque and clear forms.


Our Freedom™ Series makes protection of controls possible by providing the freedom to design for your individual application needs.

Freedom™ Series enclosures are developed for maximum design flexibility and pleasing aesthetics. These attractive yet highly durable enclosures fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosures are ideal for diverse applications, including high-end electronics, OEM housings and conspicuous industrial applications, both indoors and out. They can be relied on for protection in corrosive environments where a full seal against the outside environment is critical and a watertight seal is a must.

A unique benefit of feature-laden Freedom™ Series enclosures is the internal panel management system empowering the end user to select and use only the features required for their specific application — and to use every cubic inch of valuable internal enclosure space! The Freedom™ Series offers an additional feature of panel mounting in the cover for use as an operator interface in industrial equipment control stations.