Non metallic 4x breather vent

UL Type 4X Breather Vent Allows Enclosures to “Breathe”

AttaBox Enclosures provides a high performing, robust non-metallic Breather Vent carrying a UL type 4X rating (UL508A, UL50 & UL50E).

The AttaBox Breather Vent enables an enclosure to “breathe” — allowing the free passage of air to equalize the pressure differential between the enclosure and ambient before it builds to the point where a leak path is developed.

The AttaBox Breather Vent (part number:REBV4XKIT) is especially important for applications where enclosures protect equipment requiring a specified air temperature to work properly. In such instances it is imperative that air trapped within an enclosure escapes before harming the sensitive electronic equipment within.

The AttaBox Breather Vent ensures that air flow is increased by allowing natural air currents through the enclosure, thus venting warm air and drawing in cooler outside air, all while maintaining a UL type 4X enclosure integrity as a recognized component.