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AttaBox® Enclosures Helps You Color The World How You Want It Through The ModRight® Enclosures Modifications Program

AttaBox® Enclosures, through its ModRight® program, provides a proven combination of technologically advanced equipment and expert in-house capabilities for efficiently achieving diverse wide-ranging modifications for diverse non-metallic enclosure applications.

Among the services provided by ModRight® is the ability to provide outstanding quality through molded-in color. We are capable of accurately reproducing any Pantone color. Because colors are molded-in they are consistent throughout the enclosure and are not affected by scratching or chipping. Give us your color… and we can match it.

The quality of AttaBox® enclosures is supported by nearly 60 years of industry-leading experience in building and modifying non-metallic enclosures.

The AttaBox® ModRight® program also features: custom cutouts, holes, windows, vents; silkscreening and digital printing, EMI/RFI shielding, custom size enclosures and other special requests.

If you have a unique application requiring modifications, our fully staffed application engineering team will support you at every step of the project .

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