Pushbutton polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosures by AttaBox

The Commander™ Series From AttaBox® Enclosures Takes The Guesswork Out Of Configuring Holes For Non-Metallic Pushbutton Enclosures

One of the benefits of using non-metallic enclosures is the ease with which modifications, including drilling holes and making other cutouts, can be achieved in the field.


However, AttaBox® Enclosures makes the process of configuring holes for polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosures one step easier — and one big step more reliable — by providing pushbutton enclosures from the Commander™ Series, pre-drilled at the factory using our precision modification equipment, and ready to use out-of-the-box when quickly delivered when and where the enclosures are needed.


AttaBox® pushbutton enclosures are designed for general electrical and electronic applications and any application that has associated environmental concerns. They can be used as a general junction or termination point enclosures in an electrical system. Their rugged and durable design allows them to be used in many MRO and OEM applications. The slim design style allows easy use of pushbuttons and switches in machine control applications and where tight or dense space requirements are necessary.


All AttaBox® Commander™ pushbutton enclosures feature a continuous polyurethane gasket that provides a complete, reliable environmental seal. They are designed with rounded edges, and reduced minimal protrusions to help prevent the accumulation of dust or debris. They provide a flush full lift-off cover with four screws, are non-conductive, non-corrosive, impact-resistant, UV resistant, and non-flame propagating.


Customized configurations for AttaBox® Commander™ pushbutton enclosures are available upon request.


Off-the-shelf Commander™ Series products are available as:


Polycarbonate pushbutton enclosures with lift-off cover meeting NEMA 1, 3R, 4X, 6P, and 12 standards.

AttaBox® offers all-polycarbonate Commander™ enclosures with blank covers or a choice of one-or-two-hole pushbutton openings for both 22mm and 30mm hardware. These enclosures include an external flush wall design, unobstructed internal sidewalls, polycarbonate cover screws, and watertight seal. One and two-hole configurations are available meeting NEMA Ratings 1, 3R, 4X, 6P, 12 (UL508A, UL50 & UL50e). These enclosures provide a wide temperature range (-29°C to +115°C), and a UL94-5VA flammability rating.


Fiberglass 30 mm pushbutton enclosures meeting NEMA Ratings 1, 3R, 4X, 6P, 12 (UL508A, UL50 & UL50e).

Available in 4, 6, and 9 hole configurations, all meeting NEMA Ratings 1, 3R, 4X, 6P, 12 (UL508A, UL50 & UL50e) and offering a temperature range between -76°F to +274°F (-60°C to +134°C). A full metal grounding strap is furnished with each configuration for ease of bonding.


Fiberglass 30 mm and 22 mm in-line pushbutton enclosures with lift-off flush full covers.

Available with 1 to 6 holes in either 30mm or 22mm, these Commander™ Series enclosures provide all the fiberglass Commander™ features and benefits noted above.


AttaBox® Enclosures brings you immediate access to 12 full non-metallic enclosure product lines encompassing more than 800 part numbers and more than 30 configurations –- all providing superior on-the-job physical properties and performance value for diverse MRO, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC, mechanical and industrial applications. Our unsurpassed range of off-the-shelf and customized fiberglass and polycarbonate enclosures are proven to protect themselves so they will always protect the valuable contents housed within them. AttaBox® is an innovative force in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of non-metallic enclosures. We make it easy for our enclosure users to get reliable NEMA 4X and UL -certified protection by making an outstanding product and service quality quickly available through diverse channels including price-competitive online e-commerce, and direct business-to-business one-stop availability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology is U.S.-based and vertically integrated to provide total solutions to application challenges demanding the best from protective enclosures.