The specific polycarbonate resins used in Attabox™ enclosures are the best of the best.

With Attabox™ enclosures, the best performance at the best price is available in an American made product.

What is polycarbonate?

  • Engineered thermoplastic designed for extreme environments.
  • Impact strength greater than many metals.
How Polycarbonate properties compare to other materials?

One of the biggest advantages of polycarbonate is its impact strength. The following diagram compares the impact strength of polycarbonate to other commonly sold plastics.


PC 92%
PC / ABS 50%
ABS 50%
PVC 48%
PS 46%
PPO 32%
Acrylic 18%
PBT / PET 16%
Nylon 12%

Polycarbonate can be found in applications such as:

  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Football Helmets
  • Eyeglasses
  • Cell Phone Cases
  • Outdoor Enclosures

Why polycarbonate?

Its properties provide the highest UV rating (F1) with inhibitors that are present at every level of compound. In other words, it is not just surface protection.

5VA flame rating
It has impact strength approaching 5 times that of fiberglass enclosures.
Unlike fiberglass which requires a protective mask, it is easy to drill with no dusts, chipping, or cracking.
Polycarbonate is an injection molded resin that allows for best in class cost and best in class performance.